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Find helpful tips and quick answers to the most frequently asked questions about Somerset Smith Partners Portfolio and Wealth management services; together with answers to common questions about getting started investing for the future.

Why do I need an adviser?2020-09-14T03:46:40+12:00

Investing hard earned funds deserves time and thought so that you achieve a satisfactory return on your money. A DIY approach may work out, but it could also be costly if it doesn’t, and with many of the pros and cons of investing only learnt after some years of investing, our experienced advisers are well placed to assist you achieve your objectives.

What is the minimum I can invest in shares?2020-09-14T03:46:46+12:00

The price of a share sets the minimum initial investment you can make, and in general it equates to about $500 to $1,000 worth of shares. However you also need to consider the cost of an investment of this size to ensure you understand the impact of costs on price. We generally recommend investing at least $2,000 as a more cost effective amount to invest.

How is it some businesses say there is no minimum amount I can invest in shares?2020-09-14T03:46:51+12:00

Because they will already hold shares in this company for their other clients so there is no minimum to buy for them. You also probably won’t directly own the shares you buy, and for this service you will pay other fees in addition to brokerage on each transaction. We strongly recommend reading the Terms & Conditions of these businesses to ensure you understand their costs and operational structure.

What is an NZX Firm?2020-09-14T03:47:00+12:00

An NZX Firm is one that is authorised by the New Zealand Stock Exchange to buy and sell investments on behalf of their clients. This authorisation comes with rules that we must follow as to how Somerset Smith Partners and its advisers must act in terms of its dealings with its clients and also the stringent financial requirements that are imposed on the Firm regarding both client assets and the Firm’s own financial position. All of which affords clients greater certainty and protection in their dealings with an NZX Firm like Somerset Smith Partners.

Financial advice seems expensive2020-09-14T03:47:06+12:00

Good investment advice will benefit you by far more than the cost of that advice and also the exact cost of advice will depend on what type and level of advice you want. Take the time to ask one of our advisers about your alternatives and what the costs will be receiving those alternatives.

Also we recommend noting that investing is not an exact science, none of us know exactly what the outcome of an investment will be, but our experienced advisers can inform you of your options and the costs involved which may save you from a disastrous experience.

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