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One of our most popular services is our Custody and Portfolio Review Service which handles all administration of a portfolio and provides a review and monitoring service specific to each investors requirements.

Custody and Portfolio Review Service

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The Somerset Smith Partners Custody and Portfolio Review Service aims to provide our clients with a competitive edge over other investors and managers. It provides a personalised method of handling administration and reviewing portfolios all of which takes into account the fact that every investor has unique and specific requirements. It is flexible, low cost and provides the perfect link between clients and our team of qualified advisers and experienced administration staff.

The system was first developed during the 1930’s to provide an elite service to our premier clients.

It has been continuously upgraded since then to allow for computerisation, technological advances, investment markets and the changing needs of investors.

The Somerset Smith Partners Custody and Portfolio Review Service provides the following services:

  • a quarterly review of your portfolio, by way of a written report including a market valuation of investments held.
  • a quarterly market commentary on the financial markets including current strategies and recommendations including a review of investors’ own individual holdings and any action or changes required.
  • collection of all mail and advices from issuers and registries, advising clients where appropriate of relevant information or corporate actions.
  • collection of all dividends, and other income for deposit to either a clients selected bank account or a separate investment account for investors not requiring immediate use of income.
  • Preparation of annual income schedules detailing gross income, imputation credits, resident withholding tax and any other relevant information for all currencies.

The introduction of the FIN and FASTER system of recording ownership of securities has proved to be cumbersome and time consuming for many investors. Our service handles all administration matters and can direct credit income from investments to any bank account so as to suit individual requirements. Investments are transferred and held in a specific nominee company which greatly reduces administration.

Our portfolio system allows us to value and monitor all listed securities and, many unlisted securities or funds, including:

Interest Bearing Securities:

Including cash, term deposits, government and local authority stock, bonds, capital notes, and debentures.


Listed shares in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom and USA, and most other major markets you may invest in.


Listed, syndicated and other recognised tradeable securities.

Portfolio records are automatically updated for purchases, sales, cash and bonus issues, and share splits made through Somerset Smith Partners. Prices, currency rates and costs are also continuously updated to provide an accurate reflection of your portfolio at any given time.

The portfolio recording is a computerised investment tool and has proved to be invaluable in assisting investors to monitor their individual portfolios. While regular valuations are extremely useful, the key component is the ability to receive individual and specific advice from our qualified and experienced advisers which is:

  • designed to meet clients’ unique and particular needs
  • designed to meet the challenges of changing market conditions.

This Service assists investors by removing the administration burden of a portfolio of direct investments, allows them to take appropriate action on a timely basis and ensures that opportunities are not missed. We so often hear of investors missing a rights issue, an offer from companies, or just an opportune moment to act. It also ensures that appropriate strategies are maintained, with an ultimate view to maximising growth and returns for our clients.

The use of direct investments does require an administration input. If this matter is of concern, we recommend utilising our Custody and Portfolio Review Service which handles all administration of a portfolio as well as providing regular monitoring of investments and subsequent reporting.

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